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  • EXE ONE FOR ALL Catalogue

    EXE ONE FOR ALL Catalogue

    EXE One For All products are able to integrate within a variety of interconnected rigging systems and function in tandem with third-party rigging equipment. The One For All World includes the collection of EXE Rise chain hoists, the collection of EXE Ace chain hoists, EXE Cell, the EXE Drive product collection, the EXE Sense, and EXE DST.

    6 May 2022

  • Big Rig rigs with EXE

    Big Rig rigs with EXE

    BigRig Rental GmbH from Berlin (Germany) is expanding its inventory with 100 EXE Rise chain hoists of the 500kg D8+ type. In doing so, they relied on a state-of-the-art product that has established itself on the international market and is currently also making its mark on tours and productions in German-speaking countries.

    6 Apr 2022

  •  🔴 RED ALERT 🔴

    🔴 RED ALERT 🔴

    Yesterday evening, the US did its version of the #WeMakeEvents deal & we got involved as Area Four Industries America

    2 Sep 2020

  • Area Four Industries Opens Three New Direct companies

    Area Four Industries Opens Three New Direct companies

    The growth of the Area Four Industries group is unstoppable. Today, we are delighted to announce another significant step forward in bridging the gap with customers – namely, the opening of three new Area Four Industries Direct companies. And this means only one thing – a better service experience to existing and new customers with faster delivery of goods throughout all of our brands, complemented with vast educational resources in the field of event-engineered support structures.

    4 Aug 2020



    Wireless module as an alternative to wired systems. This offers maximum freedom in handling hoists, covering distances up to 400 meters from the gateway.   The need for live load monitoring and reporting is increasing in all industries to provide a safer working environment. EXE CELL is excited to announce the latest range of integrated wireless load-cell solutions for permanent and touring use.

    17 Jun 2020

  • The Secret Life of a Chain Hoist!

    The Secret Life of a Chain Hoist!

    Ever wondered if your hoist could talk, what would it tell you?    The new EXE technology Black Box Recorder now allows key operational and environmental data to be safely stored within your hoist. The BBR can be supplied fitted as an optional accessory to your new DC or LVC hoists or easily retro-fitted to your existing EXE stock.

    17 Jun 2020



    Add an extra layer of safety to your chain hoist!    You can now rest even more assured when using our EXE RISE hoists with the latest innovative component, the EXE DC Limit Switch Control Module. The new accessory provides a higher level of safety and protection for our medium and large frame chain hoists, combining features from LVC chain hoists and high-specification motor-controllers.

    17 Jun 2020

  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    👉 Non vediamo l’ora di sollevare le nostre vite sospese e di riassaporare la nostra libertà… fatta di eventi, persone che s’incontrano e tante emozioni!!! La vita ti offre sempre una seconda possibilità... si chiama domani! Buona Pasqua dal vostro Team EXE TECHNOLOGY We can't wait to lift our suspended lives and all look forward to our freedom again... made up of events, people who meet and create so many joyous emotions. Life always offers you a second chance…it's called tomorrow! Happy Easter from your EXE TECHNOLOGY Team#exetechnology #chainhoist #keepgoing #smartworking #production

    17 Mar 2020

  • EXCLUSIVE Distributor in Vietnam for EXE

    EXCLUSIVE Distributor in Vietnam for EXE

    LITEC is very pleased to announce the appointment of Acoustic & Lighting System (A&L) as the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for LITEC truss systems and the full range of EXE-Rise & EXE-Vario chain hoist integrated solutions, EXE-Drive controllers, EXE-Cell load cell interfaces and EXE-DST automation equipment, replacing the previous distributor with immediate effect.

    12 Mar 2020



    A significant number of manufacturers / exhibitors in the lighting, audio and rigging entertainment industry have already cancelled their participation in thePROLIGHT & SOUND 2020 edition thus dramatically reducing the expectations of success of the fair for us as exhibitors / builders, our customers and partners.

    27 Nov 2019

  • ISE Show 2020!

    ISE Show 2020!

    We would like to invite you to visit us in Stand 5-T145 at the 2020 I.S.E. Show, which marks our first attendance at this important exhibition.  Sales & Technical representatives from our brands will be available to speak with you about all your trussing, rigging & staging requirements, as well as your upcoming projects. We’ll have just a few “iconic” products on display from our brands, along with some dynamic demonstrations at the stand that you don’t want to miss! You can pre register FREE at www.iseurope.org using invitation code 436275.  ♦ From Feb. 11th to 14th, 2020. 📌 RAI, Amsterdam, NL.See you soon! #truss #trussing #litectruss #rigging #IntegratedSystemsEurope2020 #Amsterdam2020​ 

    27 Nov 2019

  • Japan’s Largest! Live Entertainment Trade Show

    Japan’s Largest! Live Entertainment Trade Show

     The countdown is on for this years Live Entertainment EXPO Tokyo! Who is coming? Hit us up if you need a ticket, and come say hi to the team!   You will find us at STAND 1 - 23 AREA 27  From Feb. 5th to 7th, 2020. Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan. Here the link about the Japan Trade Show: https://www.live-event.jp/en-gb.html

    27 Nov 2019

  • EXE Technology Holds Its First Ever Training in Germany

    EXE Technology Holds Its First Ever Training in Germany

    History was made on 22. – 23.1 when The Area Four Industries Direct Germany office organized the first ever EXE Technology training session in Germany. Training was held in Emsdetten, Germany and was led by Sales and Marketing Manager - Carsten Pfeiffer (Area Four Industries Direct Germany) and EXE Technology Automation Manager - Gianluca Ferrari. To kick off the training, Pfeiffer and Ferrari provided the ten attendees with a complete overview of EXE Technology’s range of electric hoists, load cells, controllers, and DSTs (Dynamic Stack Tracks). The training then dove into specific facts and detailed information about models within the EXE Rise and Vario electric hoist ranges, which included classifications, key features and components. To gain a better understanding of how EXE hoists work, attendees witnessed a complete strip down of the chain hoist and learned about its operation from the inside out. After the mechanical heart of the hoist was put back together, a complete overview of the inspection process (DoV, CE, etc) was covered to help ensure the safety and long-term reliability of the hoists. An explanation of service log contents was also provided. During the second day of training, attendees were given the opportunity to practise the inspection procedure and ask additional questions.   With dirty black hands, and big white smiles, attendees left the session with a better understanding of the internal components within EXE electric hoists and how they operate together. Between the first and second days of the training session, trainers and attendees travelled to a nearby restaurant for a filling German meal and refreshing drinks. Attending companies included TDA Rental GmbH, Rigging Service GmbH, Satis&fy AG, Groh-P.A. Veranstaltungstechnik e. K., LITECOM GmbH, Stagebox Rigging Service and Lockschuppen Event GmbH.

    28 Jan 2020

  • A4i.tv Video Release – Eric Porter Tackles Shackles

    A4i.tv Video Release – Eric Porter Tackles Shackles

    In the newest back-to-basics video release on A4i.tv, Eric Porter tackles the main information you need to know about shackles in less than two minutes. He covers the two main types of shackles used for rigging, their proper use, the important markings found on them and where they should be used.  Click here to see the video and top up your knowledge on shackles!

    27 Nov 2019

  • DST moves Subsonica

    DST moves Subsonica

    Be the first to watch the new video release on A4i.tv that documents the thrilling use of EXE Technology’s DST System (Dynamic Stack Tracks) during a concert by Italian rock group Subsonica. The video shows the DST 52 System in action, as it moves and positions multiple LED screens over the stage to add visually dynamic elements to the performance.   The Subsonica project utilized EXE Technology’s DST52 Straight Truss System with conversion kit for Kinesys Elevation 1+, and was controlled by KINESYS VECTOR software.   Turbocharge the “cool factor” of your next event with the dynamic movement and positioning of LED screens during live performances. All made possible by the DST System.  DST MOVES YOU!  Click here to see the video.

    24-24 Sep 2019



    The Erfurt-based rigging company [LITE]COM, which has its roots in Denmark, has invested in the new Dynamic Stack Track System (DST) from the well-known Italian chain hoist manufacturer EXE Technology. DST is a traverse system with integrated rails to move and rotate any object. "Scenic movement will certainly be the future of upcoming tour productions. With the DST system, we invested in a scalable system solution that gives us the opportunity to best meet the growing demands of everyday touring. The comprehensive DST product portfolio offers many possibilities for scenic movement. I have been on the lookout for a finished system solution for some time and have now found one that convinced me immediately" said CEO Mathias Sonntag. The black powder-coated DST52 system, which rides on dollies with master, slave and cable trolleys, is stocked in large quantities at the Erfurt warehouse and is ready for use on upcoming tours. The system will have its first outing at the TALENT Show in Denmark. The EXE designed DST system comes in two sizes - DST52 and DST66. Both systems are available with powder coating, a circular segment and dollies. The large range of accessories for motorised and rotating trolleys allow for absolute freedom of movement when combined with chain hoists. With "move, turn and lift", the suspended loads can be moved to all areas of the stage.

    24-24 Sep 2019



    The new Extra Large hoist has been designed as a serious work horse for those massive lifts! This beast of a machine provides a full load capacity of 2000kg in its standard D8+ (8:1) format, or optional 2500kg in D8 (5:1) set-up. Available in Low Voltage or Direct Control configurations, the single reeve chain design eliminates the common problem of twisted chains commonly associated with double reeved equivalents. It’s the only hoist in its class that can offer ground-breaking 3M FEM Classification giving a duty cycle of 50% and an immense 12,500 hour life span in ten years. But this hoist gives something extra! The option to have on-board electrical limit switches on both the Low voltage AND the Direct Control Models. An important safety feature not commonly found on DC hoists. Manufactured in Italy, this is the true evolution of the EXE Technology family, and is available via the global  EXE Technology distributors network.We are showcasing this product at PLASA SHOW!

    17 Sep 2019

  • Video Release – EXE RISE Large Frame Hoist

    Video Release – EXE RISE Large Frame Hoist

    A4i.tv Video Release – Going LARGE with EXE RISE!Adam Beaumont (A4i UK - EXE Technology Brand Manager) is back again in the newest video release on A4i.tv and he is going LARGE! Join Adam on an educational journey that takes you through the features, benefits, components and technical specifications of the most established hoist range in the EXE RISE series – the Large Frame Hoist.  Designed for touring and permanent installations, the Large Frame Hoist is available in 1 ton (single fall) and 2 ton (double fall) loading capacities with FEM 9.51_2m in D8 Plus / igvw SQ P2 (2018-10) configuration!   You too can go LARGE by clicking here to learn more about the EXE large frame hoist!

    28 Aug 2019

  • Video Release – EXE RISE Medium Frame Hoist

    Video Release – EXE RISE Medium Frame Hoist

    Introducing the EXE RISE Medium Frame HoistClick on the link below to see the latest video from EXE Technology, where Adam Beaumont (UK - EXE Technology Brand Manager) introduces you to the features, components, technical specifications and interior/exterior construction of the medium frame hoist from the EXE RISE series. Available with a 500kg lifting capacity in accordance with D8 Plus / igvw SQ P2 (2018-10) as standard!  During the video, Adam even provides extra information about encoders, upgrades and customizations available for this popular hoist that is making a big splash in markets around the world.  Click here to go directly to the video and learn all about the EXE RISE medium frame hoist!

    23 Aug 2019

  • Successful debut at Stage Set Scenery

    Successful debut at Stage Set Scenery

    Successful debut at Stage Set Scenery We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to see us at our first Stage Set Scenery Show in Berlin. It was an exciting three days where visitors were able to see, touch and experience our EXE RISE & EXE VARIO chain hoists, EXE DST52 (Dynamic Stack Tracks), EXE CELL, and EXE DRIVE. We’re already looking forward to next year’s show and hope to see you there again!

    28 Jun 2019



    STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIP As of 5th August 2019, Litec Italia S.r.l. and Audio Effetti S.r.l will integrate and combine their commercial and technical experiences to offer more direct and widespread services to customers based in the Italian regions of Campania, Apulia, Calabria, Molise, Sardegna and Basilicata for all aspects regarding the "trussing & rigging" products used in the entertainment, exhibition and corporate events markets. The partnership, which already began in 2016, was immediately exclusive for some regions such as Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta and, having reached excellent results, has now been extended to other regions in Italy. Naturally, the collaboration will not stop only at this. In fact, it is already in the roadmap that the two companies will organise and share events open to the public both in Italy and abroad aimed at the promotion, knowledge and training on products and technologies created by Litec Italia S.r.l. and distributed by Audio Effetti S.r.l. For further information, we invite you to contact Audio Effetti (info@audioeffetti.it , +39 010 5451202) or Litec (info@litectruss.com , +39 0422 997300).UNA PARTNERSHIP CONSOLIDATA A partire dal 5 agosto 2019, Audio Effetti S.r.l e Litec Italia S.r.l. integreranno le rispettive competenze commerciali e tecniche per offrire un servizio più diretto e capillare ai clienti presenti nelle regioni Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Molise, Sardegna e Basilicata, per tutti gli aspetti riguardanti i prodotti “trussing & rigging” utilizzati nel settore dell’intrattenimento, delle fiere e degli eventi corporate. La partnership, iniziata già nel 2016, è stata da subito esclusiva per alcune regioni quali Liguria, Piemonte e Valle D’Aosta e, avendo generato ottimi risultati, si è deciso di espandere il raggio d’azione ad altre regioni d’Italia. Ovviamente la sinergia non si fermerà solo a questo. Infatti, è già in roadmap che le due aziende organizzeranno e condivideranno eventi aperti al pubblico sia in Italia che all’estero mirati alla promozione, conoscenza e formazione sui prodotti e le tecnologie realizzate da Litec Italia S.r.l. e distribuite da Audio Effetti S.r.l.  Per ulteriori informazioni, vi invitiamo a contattare Audio Effetti (info@audioeffetti.it , 010 5451202) o Litec (info@litectruss.com , 0422 997300).

    2 Aug 2019

  • EXE Technology at STAGE SET SCENERY

    EXE Technology at STAGE SET SCENERY

    VISIT US AT STAGE SET SCENERY IN BERLIN Come see EXE Technology in Hall 21 Stand 111 for their very first appearance at the Stage Set Scenery show in Berlin from 18 – 20 June. See, touch and gather more information about EXE-RISE & EXE-VARIO chain hoists, EXE DST 52 (Dynamic Stack Tracks), EXE CELL and EXE DRIVE. Discover why live event professionals around the world use and recommend EXE Technology products! • See you soon!  

    17 Jun 2019

  • A4i.tv Video Release - Getting to know the EXE Rise hoist range

    A4i.tv Video Release - Getting to know the EXE Rise hoist range

    In the newest video release on A4i.tv, Adam Beaumont (EXE Technology Brand Manager) introduces you to the popular EXE Rise electric hoist range.  In the video, Adam gives a brief history of the EXE Technology brand, including how the EXE Rise range was developed, its components and how it is tested. He speaks about the medium frame and large frame hoists, and the loading capacities, features and accessories of each.  Watch the video here.

    26 Jun 2019

  • Understanding the Conical Connector Video Release

    Understanding the Conical Connector Video Release

    Area Four Industries has just released the second video in their truss connection systems series on A4i.tv, where Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp introduces you to the most popular of all truss connection systems – the “Conical Connector”. During this educational video, you’ll learn how conical connectors work, their design characteristics, how they perform, their advantages, and the stresses that occur when using them.Click here to increase your knowledge about the conical connection system with the newest video on A4i.tv…and stay tuned, there’s more to come!


  • MILOS Product Academy held in Czech and China

    MILOS Product Academy held in Czech and China

    The MILOS Product Academy experienced another two successful editions this year in both the Czech Republic and China.  The Czech Product Academy focused strictly on MILOS products and was held on 2 – 3 May at MILOS Headquarters and factory in Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic.  More than 30 participants were in attendance from European countries that included the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark.  The Academy’s program included displays and presentations of new MILOS products, presentations about truss, truss loading demonstrations, a tour of the MILOS factory and a robust question & answer session at the end of the second day. A fun evening with delicious Czech food and well-deserved beverages was also enjoyed between the two days of the workshop. Photos from Product Academy Czech RepublicVideo from Product Acadeny Czech Republic One week later, the Product Academy moved to the MILOS office and factory in Guangzhou, China. Unlike the Czech Academy, this workshop focused on both MILOS and EXE Technology products. Its program included a tour of the MILOS factory, new MILOS product displays and presentations, and informative truss presentations.  For the EXE Technology part of the Academy, hands-on assembly and disassembly of EXE chain hoists were covered, as well as information provided about their inspection and certification. The EXE range was also presented. At the end of the two days, a wide-ranging question & answer session was held. Halfway through the Academy program, attendees from China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau were treated to an enjoyable dinner.    Photos from Product Academy China   As always, we were happy to share product and technical information with Academy participants and look forward to next year’s double session of the MILOS Product Academy!  

    29 May 2019

  • Enter our world with A4 Magazine

    Enter our world with A4 Magazine

    Your entrance to the world of EXE Technology and Area Four Industries is within the pages of the annual A4 Magazine, which gives you full access to the latest information about our new products, the Area Four Industries group, interviews with key management, insights from our Brand Manager, technical articles and other interesting information. It’s like taking a whirlwind tour through our brand office, Area Four Industries headquarters, Area Four Industries Direct Distribution offices and our many activities. A4 Magazine is your key to everything EXE Technology and Area Four Industries, and is just one click away… Download A4 magazine here

    31 May 2019

  • Understanding the Beaufort scale

    Understanding the Beaufort scale

    A brand new video has just been released on A4i.tv about the Beaufort scale - a well-known wind measurement system but not well understood. In this educational and entertaining video, Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp discusses the history of the Beaufort scale and how it works. He dives into the differences between wind speed, wind force and wind pressure, and how this scale is used to measure them. By the end of the video, you’ll have a far better understanding of the Beaufort scale and why it’s important for ensuring the safety of your truss structures. Watch the video now.

    22 May 2019

  • Visit us at PLASA Leeds

    Visit us at PLASA Leeds

    We’re getting ready for the PLASA Leeds show once again this year, where members of the Area Four Industries Direct UK team will be on hand and ready to provide you with more information about our products and how their design and distribution office can provide the solutions you require. Just look for us from 14 – 15 May in the Area Four Industries Stand R-D18 & R-D19. See you soon!

    10 May 2019

  • Come see us at LDI!

    Come see us at LDI!

    Visit Area Four Industries Booth #2127 at this year’s LDI show, where we’ll have range of products on display from our MILOS, LITEC, EXE Technology and Mobiltechlifts brands!   Discover the newly launched MyT Virtue truss from LITEC with its unique folding feature, compact form factor, and structural parts assembled with high grade steel nuts and bolts to optimize performance and eliminate issues related to weld heat affected zones. Not to mention the 79 – 98 foot spans it can achieve!   MILOS will have selected products from its box truss line on display that satisfy a wide range of needs for small to large projects.    EXE Technology will storm into the show with its new, innovative DST66 (Dynamic Stack Tracks) multipurpose rail system designed for towing loads during live events and moving at extremely quick speeds!  Electric hoists from its EX-Rise range will also be on display and will include “hands on” demonstrations.   Mobiltechlifts will be on hand as well, displaying its ML4 multi purpose lift that packs 596 lbs of load capacity into 21.5 ft!   We look forward to seeing you there!  

    18 Oct 2018

  • DST66 - Speedier & Stronger Rail System

    DST66 - Speedier & Stronger Rail System

    Widely used for demanding projects that allow you to move "one ton load" LED screens, scenery, panels and lights, horizontally right-left and left-right, at a maximum speed of 1 m/sec.

    13 Sep 2018

  • A4I.tv – You know what. We SHOW you how!

    A4I.tv – You know what. We SHOW you how!

    Today Area Four Industries launches the world’s first trussing and rigging internet TV channel at www.A4I.tv! Focused on education, design, rigging, products and on-site videos, A4I.TV will be your one stop website for viewing videos produced by Area Four Industries and its four truss brands – MILOS, LITEC, James Thomas Engineering, and TOMCAT.   For your viewing convenience, navigation on the channel’s website is very user-friendly. All of its videos (a current total of 73 videos!) are divided into five categories – Educational, Design Basics, Product Basics, Rigging Basics and On-Site Videos.  Just choose which category interests you, and you’ll be presented with a choice of all videos within that category.  Alternatively, you can choose one of the group’s brands and be presented with all videos related to that brand.   You can look forward to many different videos and video series that Area Four Industries will be releasing on an on-going basis.    All videos on A4I.TV are created with the goal of showing you something new, passing on valuable knowledge, sharing tips and tricks within the rigging and support structure industry, presenting new and exciting products, and giving you an insider’s view of exciting projects carried out by brands within the Area Four Industries group.   Today is the start of the truss, rigging and support structure video revolution!  www.A4I.tv

    22 Aug 2018

  • EXE Technology gets dynamic at Prolight + Sound

    EXE Technology gets dynamic at Prolight + Sound

    This year’s Prolight + Sound show saw the worldwide debut of EXE Technology’s new dynamic stack tracks rail and trolley system – the EXE-DST66 – which builds on the success of their popular DST52 system.

    17-29 May 2018

  • EXE-Rise Chain Hoist School at the Hoistpital

    EXE-Rise Chain Hoist School at the Hoistpital

    The Specialist Rigging and Chain Hoist service and inspection centre, The Hoistpital, recently hosted an official EXE-Rise Training session that was held at their premises in Bedford, U.K. The training session was specifically for the maintenance team from Neg Earth, who own a substantial quantity of EXE-Rise chain hoists in both 1120kg and 2000kg capacities.

    12 Sep 2017

  • PRG XL Video Invests in EXE-Rise Hoists

    PRG XL Video Invests in EXE-Rise Hoists

    PRG XL Video, the UK operation of Production Resource Group, LLC, has announced a significant investment with Area Four Industries U.K. to upgrade its hoist stock with EXE-Rise units.

    10 Mar 2017

  • EXE-Rise Lifts Riverdance Across Europe

    EXE-Rise Lifts Riverdance Across Europe

    Production Services Ireland (PSI) – a lighting, rigging and visual production company based in Dublin and Belfast - has made a full commitment to the use of double-braked hoists by making a substantial investment in more than 50 EXE-Rise 1000kg 8:1 double-braked chain hoists for use on the current U.K. and European tour of Riverdance. These new EXE-Rise hoists are fresh off the production line in Italy and were delivered to PSI by Adam Beaumont from Area Four Industries.

    18 Jul 2017

  • A4i.tv video release on spigot connectors

    A4i.tv video release on spigot connectors

    A4i.tv has just released the first video of a four part series on truss connection systems. In this first video, Area Four Industries Technical Director Norbert Tripp addresses the conventional spigot connection system. He provides the main points on how it works, its advantages and the stresses involved. Three more videos on truss connection systems are soon to follow and you’ll be the first to know when they’re released! Watch the video now.

    15 May 2019

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